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Free HTTP Sniffer Help

 Platform: Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8
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  Download and use for free


Key Features:

 Capture IP packets on your LAN in Real-time.
 Parse and decode HTTP protocol.
 Support various file type such as HTML, .gif, .jpg, and etc.
 Display and save the urls.
 Easy-to-use user interface.

Using Free HTTP Sniffer

    It's actually very easy to find the web address with Free HTTP Sniffer. The following are brief Instructions for fast learners.

 Start Free HTTP Sniffer.
 Click Start Sniffer button on the toolbar to begin capturing.
 Open your Web browser such as IE or Netscape to surf on line.
 You will soon see the stream URLs appear in the list.


 Save All URLs to text: Save all URLs to be found in the list to a text file.
 Options: Open the options dialog to set.
 Exit: Exit Free HTTP Sniffer.
 Start Sniffer: The software will begin to capture the packet and search the URLs.
 Stop Sniffer: Stop to capture the network packet
 Clear Results: Clear all URLs in the list.
 Open the URL: Open the selected URL in the list by using the default browser.
 Show Grid Lines: Specify the grid display settings. Select this menu item to show or hide all grid lines.
 Auto Size Columns: Autosize the columns to fit all contents.
Displays the About screen, where you can view more information about your current installation and version of Free HTTP Sniffer.



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