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Quick Start

1) Insert the audio CD into your CD-ROM drive.

2) If you see the CD tracks in the list such as Track1,Track2..., you can select the songs which you want to rip. By default all the songs are selected.

3) Select the output folder where your songs are to be stored. By default it is set to '%MAINDIR%\output'.

4) Select the output format of your songs. By default it is set to MP3.

5) Click the 'Rip' button in the toolbar, this operation will start up the audio data extraction.

6) Click the 'Folder' button in the toolbar, you will find the file which you extracted.


Main Menu

 Rip Selected Tracks: Start extracting CD tracks and saving them to hard disk files.
 Wav Converter: Convert Wav file to Mp3, Ogg, Wma, Flac, Ape. The relevant format settings are same with the settings on 'Options' dialog.
 Mp3 to Wav Converter, Wma to Wav Converter: Convert Mp3 or Wma file to Wav format.
 Mp3 to Wma Converter: Convert Mp3 file to Wma format.
 Wma to Mp3 Converter: Convert Wma file to Mp3 format.

 Play: Listen the selected CD tracks before Extracting.
 Pause: Pause listening CD Tracks.
 Stop: Stop listening CD tracks.
 Eject CD-ROM: Eject CD from the CD-ROM.
 Close CD-ROM: Close the CD-ROM.

 Refresh CD: Refresh the content in a new CD.
 Exit: Exit Free MP3 CD Ripper program.
 Select All: Select all the CD audio tracks for Extracting.
 Unselect All: Cancel all the CD audio tracks for Extracting.
 Invert Selection: This will deselect your original items and select the rest of CD tracks in the list.
 Edit Track's Title: Edit the CD tracks output file name.
 Jump Output Folder: Open the output folder where you can see the output files.
 Query CDDB: Gets the CD information from remote CDDB server. You can get the name of artist, the name of the album, the year, the genre and the tracks names.
 Options: Click this item to open the Free MP3 CD Ripper's options dialog.
 Online Help: Free MP3 CD Ripper's online help documents.
 About: Displays the About screen, where you can view more information about your current installation and version of Free MP3 CD Ripper.

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