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CNET editors' review

As robust, flexible, and quick as this Registry and system cleaner is, it's still novice friendly. From the first moment you see ACleaner's professional, simple, and logical interface you begin to believe it is possible to build a privacy cleaner that doesn't look cobbled together from different tools. The basic button toolbar and multitab interface logically arranges all of the functions. It's easy to set and well explained.

This program is, quite simply, one of the best in its genre. Combining privacy cleaner and Windows Registry repair tools, it performs much better than most single-focused tools. User options make it very easy to operate this program. Clean Now buttons just need a click to start a full clean and repair process. If you like to know what will be deleted before you clean your system, you can use the Test Now button first. The settings tab is just as well designed. You can spend a few minutes choosing which items to check and clean from Windows operating system items, Microsoft Office programs, instant message software, Outlook Express, most popular browsers, and dozens of applications. There is even an easy method to set custom cleaning parameters. All scans and deletions are very quick compared to similar programs.

ACleaner drops in many unexpected but helpful tools. You can manage Internet Explorer cookies, back up your Registry, adjust your Startup folder, or call up the Windows Backup program.






















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